Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music Violins

At Pinewood ES,  3rd, 4th, and 5th graders receive instrumental music instruction.  Miss Seward is the Instrumental Music teacher at Pinewood ES.  
Third graders have Exploratory Music as a specials class each week.  This class, specific to BCPS, offers students the ability to learn about and engage with the four orchestral instrument families:  Brass, Woodwind, String, and Percussion.  Throughout the year, students learn basic playing techniques on Trumpet, Clarinet, Violin, and various Percussion instruments.  Focus is placed on the science of sound and learning about the various characteristics of each family.  This instruction allows students to have knowledge of instruments and their personal preferences to aid in choosing an instrument to continue playing in 4th and 5th grade.
Fourth graders have an Instrumental Music specials class each week in addition to the ability to choose an instrument for group instruction.  The specials class focuses on music literacy and arts integrated lessons.  Students also explore various careers in music as part of this class:  Composers, Conductors, etc...
Students that choose to play an instrument in 4th grade engage in weekly group lessons on that instrument as well as full ensemble opportunities.  
Fifth graders that choose to play an instrument, continue their group instruction on that instrument as well as having regular full ensemble opportunities.  
Pinewood also offers the following enrichment before school opportunities for students that are engaged in the Instrumental Music curriculum and play an instrument in the Band/Orchestra:
Jazz Band 
Chamber Strings
Bucket Band
Steel Drum Ensemble 

WINTER FEST  (Select 5th grade performances)
December 19, 2023  6:00 PM
4th Grade Winter "Informance"  (Band/Orch)
January 9, 2024  6:30 PM
5th Grade Winter Concert (Band/Orch/Chorus)
January 23, 2024  6:30 PM
Email Miss Seward ([email protected]) for more information about the Instrumental Music Program