American Education Week


American Education Week 2016
November 14th - 18th

Visitation Dates

Monday, November 14 
Kindergarten & 2n
d Grade

Tuesday, November 15 
3rd Grade & 4th Grade 

Wednesday, November 16 
1st Grade & 5
th Grade 

Thursday, November 17

Friday, November 18 
Friends, Family, and Grandparents' Day

Parents and extended family members are invited to join their child on the scheduled day during American Education Week. Visitation is during the morning hours starting at 8:45 until lunchtime. Unfortunately, due to limited seating in the cafeteria, we are not able to accommodate visitors in the cafeteria. Please plan to make arrangements for younger siblings prior to visiting the classroom.  If you are unable to come on your scheduled visitation day, please contact your child's teacher so they can help arrange a different visitation day that week. 

Remember to bring your government issued ID to the school office. Your ID will be scanned and a visitor's badge will be issued.